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Young 20-somethings use technology to "tap" the dating market. Freshening up after her first "date," this honey connects with another guy. Getting a look at what he's "app" for, he strips her down to check out the tits; nice and tasty. With a couple of cameras, VoyerJapanTV.com gets all up in their business with our own equipment. Eating in, the guy goes "down" to lick her muff, and then it's her turn to show some "affection." Just as things are looking "up," she gets pinged by another guy; gonna be a "bushy" day. "Getting her off" the phone, the boy makes his intentions hard and known. Spreading her lips and sliding down, our gal "adjusts" to the feel and enjoys a "tight" ride. Shifting her to different positions, she continues to moan and whimper until he blows inside. Sometimes technology just can't replace the real thing.

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